Gutarra: ‘Let’s Get Fxxxed One Last Time’

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Following on from ‘Dicksuckin‘ last year, Swedish singer Gutarra is back to get fxxxed one last time. With her new single and video. ‘Let’s Get Fxxxed One Last Time’.

Although actually yeah sorry this is a bit old now. Released in February. Basically we heard it first time round and liked it a lot, went to write about it a few days later and couldn’t find the video. But now it’s back online. If it ever actually went away, that is. Christ knows. Who cares?

Don’t be put off by the title. It’s not a shock tactic to mask anything that the song itself lacks. It’s basically an electropped up rock track that delivers a laidback tone and a FUCK IT ALL attitude. Although obviously she’d rather you refer to it as F**K IT ALL. We can’t decide what the best bit of the song is – the rock-out synth riff that forms the basis of the song, or the floaty chorus melody that she screeches at us.

‘Let’s Get Fxxxed One Last Time’. This video is a bit NSFW btw.

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