Gravitonas: ‘Lucky Star’

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Gravitonas have got a new single coming out. It’s called ‘Lucky Star’, it’s out next week, and LOOK – you can see them perform it live below!

It’s a trifle different to what’s come from the Gravitonas studios before. More laid back than the rock opera on a dancefloor that was ‘Religious’, less hellbent on raising the roof than ‘Kites’ was, and washed clean of the drag queen make-up that ‘Everybody Dance’ wore so boldly (and so fabulously, at that!). ‘Lucky Star’ is still a mover, a shaker, and it’s still got the band’s trademark dance beat flavour. But it’s a more organic flavour. Less of the e-numbers pumped into it, resulting in a tune that isn’t a required taste, but rather a more universally palatable feast.

It’s subtle in its melody, but still manages to be catchy enough for both the topline and the music to still be going around in your head after it has finished playing. A welcome aftertaste!

As always where Gravitonas are concerned – we like it straight away.

Here they are performing the song in Ukraine this week.

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