Glorious Inc feat Dinah Nah: ‘All Over You’

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One of 2011’s Swedish pop debutantes Glorious Inc will return with their second single in January.

It’s called ‘All Over You’ and it follows on from their debut single that we enjoyed so immensely, ‘Dance Or Die‘. However, the two songs are quite different from each other stylistically. Despite both being of the dance pop genre, we’re hearing more of a K-pop influence in ‘All Over You’, as opposed to the more Scandinavian pop feeling ‘Dance Or Die’.

Tommy from the band agrees – “Its K-pop all the way, the way that the melodies and the structure is built up. We wanna keep it fresh, and our goal is to bring something unexpected, but still with the Glorious Inc flavour. And this time we even did what they often do, but our version of it. They often include a couple of English phrases in their songs, and we did the opposite – we include a couple of Korean lines in our song“.

Personally we love the eerie intro which transforms into an intricate riff that plays throughout the song’s duration. The production on this is seriously fucked up – in a good way! And while it may be similar in sound to the music you would read about on K-pop websites, it’s most certainly like nothing we’ve ever written about on here before!

We also love the featured rap from Dinah Nah. “Who?” you might ask? “Her from Swedish dance pop titans of yesteryear, Caramell“, we would answer. ‘Tis the pop definition of Fierce.

Glorious Inc are HOOJLY excited about people hearing this, so rather than wait until the single’s release date, they want to share a clip of it here and now. And so they’ve given us at a preview to publish;

[audio:|titles=All Over You Snippet]

The single is out in mid-January, with their first video (which looks really cool too!) to premiere a few days before.


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