Gerda Monroe: ‘Can’t Break Me’

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New(ish) Danish electro(ish) siren Gerda Monroe is back with her new single. Her second ever single. And the second that we’ve really quite liked. So that’s a good record that she hopefully manages to maintain as her career progresses.

We first wrote about this lady a few months back when she released the also very good ‘Understood’. New single is called ‘Can’t Break Me’. The first verse was a bit of a struggle, we’ll be honest. But then that chorus arrived, and it was just such a fantastic moment that when the second verse rolled around it actually sounded good. A chorus that is so enjoyable, it makes everything else around it sound great too. That’s the kind of chorus we like. This one is a tad dreamy, has some retro elements to it (or at least the production does anyway), and contains that Scandi thing of being quite uplifting despite dealing with love that’s been a bit shit.

Like ‘Understood’, ‘Can’t Break Me’ is another Gerda Monroe and Kim Wagner composition.

Here’s the audio;

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