Gathania: ‘Kär & Galen’!

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gathania 01 big 54420053Wonderful news everybody – Gathania is on her way back to pop music!

Soon she’s gonna be getting back into the studio full-time and recording some new tracks much in the same vein as those all-too-irregular but oh-so-cherished gems she briefly gifted pop fans with back in 2008. The likes of ‘Blame It On You‘, ‘Get It Out‘, and ‘Spinning‘.

Unbeknownst to most though, she’s actually already been back in the studio a few times recently. And one of these occasions was for the recording of a track which is going to be finding its way into millions of Swedish homes within the next week or so.

The TV show Kär & Galen is coming back to Swedish TV next week, on Kanal 5. The show enjoyed lots of success and popularity years and years and years ago – with Lotta Engberg as the host, and also the singer of the show’s equally popular theme tune, also called ‘Kär & Galen‘. And now that the show is making a comeback, a new version of the theme tune is being recorded with a different artist – Gathania!

Aftonbladet this week posted a sneak preview of Gathania’s version of the song, and so you can have a listen to it in the clip below. It opens with Lotta’s recording first, and goes into the new recording afterwards.

‘Kär & Galen’ gets its premiere on Kanal 5 on Tuesday night, November 15th.

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