Gathania – ‘Blame It On You’, The Remixes!

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We received the promo copy of Gathania‘s killer single ‘Blame It On You’ this morning. And it’s got a hefty remix package, just the way we like them. Here’s the tracklisting;

  1. Radio Edit
  2. Extended Mix
  3. Bimbo Jones Edit
  4. Bimbo Jones Remix
  5. Wideboys Edit
  6. Wideboys Stadium Remix
  7. Ash Howes Edit
  8. Instrumental Edit
  9. De-Grees Remix

Our favourite version is still the Radio Edit – such is our love for that amazing song. But we also really loved the Extended Mix (double the length of the song and thus double the enjoyment!), and the Ash Howes Edit. The Ash Howes Edit is almost identical to the Radio Edit. It’s just subtley harder – it’s essentially the radio edit for the benefit of club speakers if you will.

The De-Grees Remix turns the track into a Cascada song, and it’ll probably be the remix of choice for many UK DJs. It’s the version that the DJ was playing at the recent Dance Nation arena tour, and it’s the remix that we’ve seen mentioned as a favourite on internet music forums. The Wideboys Edit hears the song become a lot more electro, with a siren-esque synth dominating the three minutes. And the Bimbo Jones Edit is like an amalgamation of the Radio Edit and the Wideboys Edit.

Spoilt for choice! At the scandipop club night this Thursday we’ll be giving the Extended Mix and the Ash Howes Edit a spin.

Here’s the video again – it doesn’t get tiring watching it!

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