Galavant feat. Mary Jane Smith: ‘World Of Dreams’

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Well this is quite something! We weren’t exactly prepared for the BANGER credentials of this when it started playing, but it’s certainly woken us up on an otherwise peaceful bank holiday Monday morning.

Galavant are a couple of chaps, Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöström, who come from Halmstad in Sweden. And that’s obviously a great place – Linnea Henriksson even named her new single after it. We first about these boys last April, when they released the also very good ‘Tonight’.

‘World of Dreams’ is their new single, released at the end of last week. And it really – like, seriously – goes off on one. Relentlessly so. Transporting you to clubland and inserting a buzz into your back pocket.

It features the vocals of Mary Jane Smith, otherwise known as Smith out of Smith & Thell. And what a vocal, as always.


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