We Want It Bad

A Swedish ladysinger who was big in the mid-late nineties has come back! Again! DeDe made a name for herself in Sweden selling over 500,000 albums containing music written and…

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Emely vs Sasha

  Danny has unveiled the video for his new single 'Emely'. And it's also a new version of the song. It's now in duet form with Eastern European singer, Sasha.…

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Sheri Nice!

  Sweden's given birth to a new poppet. This one's called Sheri! And we're thinking of her as the new Jessica Folcker. Largely because she's working with legendary songwriter and…

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Agnes: Get Ready!

  'Release Me' is going to be absolutely huge in the UK when it's released in the next few months. Playlist coordinators of national radio stations are in love with…

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Annie’s back!

  Well of course technically she never actually went anywhere. But after last year's saga with the 'Don't Stop' album, nobody was sure if Annie would ever get around to…

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Velvet Tones

  As regular readers will know, one of our favourite scandipop princesses, Velvet, has released her new album in Sweden this week - 'The Queen'. For those of you who…

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