It’s a new single from Cristal Snow. And we all know what that means – it’s a new VIDEO from the visual genius that is Cristal Snow!

‘Surrender’ is the latest release from the Finnish fantasist. And actually, to be fair, whilst his videos do sometimes outshine the actual music, we have to say that this is our favourite song from him so far. It’s probably his most commercial too, with a Red One style synth riff that is possibly even up there WITH Red One, in terms of quality and catchiness. It’s pure pop with a chart friendly jolt of electro.

But yes, there’s also a mesmerising video to go along with it too. We’ve posted his videos a lot on here, but if you’re a new reader and haven’t heard of him before, we really do recommend that you do a search for him on youtube, where there are plenty of stunners on there for you to watch! ‘Surrender’ sees Cristal take on the age old zombies-in-a-shopping-mall idea, and make a pop video out of it. There’s bucketfulls of blood, horrifically creepy eye shots, and a zombie bride who is seemingly in charge of the rest and has set her (creepy) eyes on Cristal.

He’s not the most likely of popstars, but he does make a very good one anyway.

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