Fresh Aqua

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So Aqua are officially back now.

Two weeks ago we got teasers released of two brand new singles, ‘Playmate To Jesus‘ and ‘Like A Robot‘. Last week both were released in Denmark and Norway, and the album ‘Megalomania’ is out on October 3rd.

So yes. They’re most definitely back.

Below you can have a listen to both of those singles in full. And what a relief – they live up to the tantalisingly exciting promise of those teasers we featured a few weeks back. They’ve very much programmed their sound to NOW, but adapted said relevance to today’s music, to ensure that there’s room for a little bit of what we loved about Aqua back in ‘the day’. It’s good pop music dressed up as you-can’t-say-that novelty. Infectious melodies, loveable lyrics, and the unmistakable vocals of Lene and Rene. So not only are they back, but they’re back on track.

Straight up, hands down, without a doubt – these two songs are our favourite fragments of the new Aqua, since they came back from the 90’s two years ago with ‘Back To The 80’s’!

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