French Maid: ‘Föck Me If I’m Rong’

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Søren from Aqua yesterday posted this video from the band’s Facebook page. Apropos of nothing. But it had been uploaded to YouTube earlier that day by Aqua’s record label, Universal Denmark. Does he have anything to do with it? We have no idea. But based on how actually brilliant it sounds (yes, really), we’d hazard a guess and say yes.

So. It’s a novelty hit of course. Although at first it’s even too WTF for a novelty hit. The beginnings are very minimal – but those whistles you hear in the opening promise something better. And that is the great big fuck off melody that appears from the 50 second mark as an instrumental chorus. Catchy as sin. Sinfully catchy.

It’s one of those trashy but amazing novelty tracks that could perhaps only originate from and work in Scandinavia. Or more specifically Denmark – y’know, like Aqua did 15 years ago. Föck us if we’re rong….

Föck Me If I'm Rong - Single - French Maid


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