Eric Saade popped up on Swedish TV this week, on the annual Eldsjälsgalan.

He was there to perform current single ‘Hotter Than Fire’ – a performance which featured “DEV”, “and Eric Sa-a-de”, and actual fire. Well – Dev and the fire appeared only via screen, but the main element of the song was all present and correct, Mr Saade himself.

For the occasion he got dolled up in a three piece suit and brought along ten (TEN!) dancers with him. The ensuing performance was thus of epic proportions – even by Saade standards. And you can see it for yourself below.

Oh – of note: we quite enjoy the dance move he’s invented for when Dev sings “I’m flammable”!

Oh – of note part 2: Nanne Grönvall was also at the event to perform a song from her new album. She did ‘If The Kids Are United’ and in a wardrobe to compete with Eric’s – hello there black leather catsuit! You can see her perform it here, and check out Nanne’s cute backstage photo with Eric here.

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