Finland’s UMK 2019: Your Guide To The Final!

So who’s in the running to represent Finland at Eurovision? Actually it’s more a question of what’s in the running. We already know the artist(s) that the Finns will send – it’s Darude, featuring Sebastian Rejman. Tomorrow night, they will perform three different songs to Finnish TV viewers. And Finland will choose the winner. Well – 50% Finnish televote, 50% international jury.
Ok, so what’s in the running? The three songs we’ve embedded below.
Any preferences as to which one wins? ‘Superman’ is our personal fave of the bunch. But all in all, we’ve found it hard to get all THAT excited about the songs on offer.
How so? They might well be good songs, but after listening to just one, something becomes very clear: Sebastian Rejman’s voice really REALLY starts to grate. And if it’s like that on record, what in Christ’s name is it gonna sound like live?…

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