Finland chooses its Eurovision 2012 entry!


And its this sweet lady – Pernilla Karlsson, with her song (in Swedish) ‘När Jag Blundar’.

She won the Finnish national selections last weekend and will go on to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan in May.

It’s a nice song, a little bit different to your standard Eurovision ballad. Its melodies are more intricate than straight up pop, and so it’s not really as instant as it probably needs to be for a contest like this. It’s hard to diss the song itself as it’s so inoffensive though. But as a result, we can only imagine this doing well in Eurovision if there aren’t that many other ballads around to bury it. It might flourish in a sea of up-tempo songs. But then heading to Eurovision relying on all the other songs sounding very different to yours probably isn’t the way to go about things. As for the performance – she’d do well to at least act a little bit more comfortable in her delivery.

That’s how WE see it.

But what does Finland think of it?

Well last week after it won and appeared on iTunes, Finns were much more interested in Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ – a song that’s still in the running to represent neighbouring Sweden at Eurovision. And to date, Loreen has been selling much much more than poor Pernilla, she’s currently top 10 on iTunes. Pernilla isn’t.

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