Faye: ‘Water Against The Rocks’

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You know this Faye, whether you know it or not. Either as her recent incarnation (well, her real name) as Fanny (here’s some Fanny we covered recently), or as her past incarnation as a member of girlband Play.

Well, perhaps wisely, she’s now launching herself under this new Faye moniker. And even more wisely, she’s accompanying this launch with a really-genuinely-quite-fantastic single, ‘Water Against The Rocks’

It starts off as a slow and solemn piece of electronica, but soon breaks into a big, bold, and shouty chorus that’s fraught with emotion and showcasing Faye’s vocal as being of a higher standard of her icy Scandinavian electro contemporaries. That’s our favourite part of course. Although we’re also quite partial to the bit at 2:29 where it sounds like actual water crashing against actual rocks – before ascending back into that brilliant chorus.

Love it;


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