Fairytale comes true…

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And so congratulations to Norway and to Alexander Rybak – as they won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest by a record breaking landslide. Iceland came 2nd with Yohanna‘s ‘Is It True’. Finland, Sweden, and Denmark gave great performances, but unfortunately didn’t connect with the majority of voters and juries.


Two days later though, and Alexander has already conquered the UK iTunes chart, where ‘Fairytale’ currently sits at number 3. He’s charting just as well, or in most cases even better, around the rest of Europe. But we thought it worth mentioning his UK success – such is the rarity of a non-UK Eurovision song selling well on these shores. In the last ten years only two – that’s right, TWO, non-UK Eurovision songs have entered the UK top 20 (Sweden 1999 and Ukraine 2007). And with Alexander currently at number 3 on iTunes, there’s a good chance he may well be in the top ten in the official singles chart this Sunday. And we can’t remember the last time a non-UK Eurovision song achieved that feat. Anyone out there know?….

Elsewhere on iTunes, Iceland’s entry currently sites at number 33, Sweden are at 89, and Finland are at 93. Neither of them are likely to enter the top 75 singles chart come Sunday but it’s still LOVELY to see them in the UK iTunes chart.


PS, in other scandipop iTunes news……’In The Heat of the Night’ by Star Pilots was released in the UK today. This morning when we looked at iTunes it was at number 81. Then it climbed to number 50. And now it’s at 32! Please do buy it and help it get into the top 10!!! We’ll be playing it every hour on the hour at this coming Thursday’s scandipop club night, to celebrate its UK success!

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