After this afternoon’s unfortunate statement from the EBU that they have decided to cancel the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Swedish artist The Mamas, and broadcaster SVT, have both responded to the news.

The Mamas had this to say;

We of course respect the decision that has now been made. During the current emergency crisis situation that we are all in, the problem is bigger than the fact that we can’t go to Rotterdam. Of course, we are incredibly sorry on a personal level that we and our song are now not allowed to compete in the world’s largest music competition after winning the Swedish competition. We’ve so looked forward to being able to represent Sweden with Move. We hope that people continue to listen to our song with the message that we can move mountains together, something that feels extra relevant today when everyone has to take responsibility and do the right thing. If we help each other in this difficult time, maybe something good can come from it in the end. Our thoughts go out to the organizer of ESC, who has worked hard in the head-wind. Take care of each other!

And SVT released this statement, via Christer Björkman, Sweden’s Head of Delegation;

This is very unfortunate for all the artists, who will not now be given the chance to take part, and of course I especially feel for The Mamas, who will not get to stand on the stage of Eurovision. It’s also very unfortunate that a 64-year-old tradition is broken. Considering the circumstances, this decision is both understandable and wise.


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