After this afternoon’s unfortunate statement from the EBU that they have decided to cancel the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Danish artist Ben & Tan, and broadcaster DR, have both responded to the news.

Ben & Tan had this to say;

We are sorry we don’t get to bring the ‘Yes’ message to Rotterdam, but people’s safety and lives always comes first. We are happy that people have received our song so well and we would have been proud to perform the song at Eurovision, and we hope to get the chance later. Be safe!

And DR released this statement;

The message from EBU, which we just received, is that Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has been cancelled. In light of the situation in Europe, it makes good sense. Right now, all the forces must be used to bring coronavirus to a halt. It is of course super annoying – also for Ben & Tan, who should have been going to represent the Danish colours this year. But I think everyone can see that it is the right decision. Of course, when we have more details, we will provide more information.

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