Eurovision 2016: Denmark’s Song!


Last night the Danes held their annual Melodi Grand Prix to find their Eurovision Song Contest entry for the year. Ten songs competed, and we’d been hoping (to put it lightly) for this masterpiece to be selected. No such luck though. Denmark loves its MOR pop-rock, and so for a second year running chose the pretty manband performing a generic and forgettable blueprint of the genre. So given they’ve learnt nothing from their result in Eurovision last year, we’d be quite happy to see Denmark crash out of the Eurovision semis – also for a second year running. There were EIGHT songs of better quality for them to choose last night. EIGHT. Here’s the performance of the best of them, ‘Heart Shaped Hole’, and you can find all of the others on DR’s YouTube channel. And here’s Denmark’s Eurovision entry – ‘Soldiers of Love’ by Lighthouse X;

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