Eurovision 2013: Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Heat 2 result!

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Well look, let’s not pussyfoot around here – quite frankly it was ALL about Margaret Berger last night, and her song ‘I Feed You My Love’. Given the Norwegian televoters previous lack of form however, nothing was certain as far as the results were concerned. But thankfully the madness of last week was balanced out by a glimpse of sanity this week, and Margaret won her heat, progressing to the final.

And actually, to be fair to the Norwegians, the other two songs they voted through were good too. Not amazing, not very good either, just good. They were both down-tempo, folky ballads – ‘I’m With You’ by Annsofi, and ‘Ulvetuva’ by Fjellfolk.

Of the songs that didn’t progress any further in the competition, spare a thought (and three minutes) for ‘On Hold‘ by Scandipop favourites Shackles. We loved both the song and performance, but unfortunately we seem to be in the minority there.

Never mind. Like we said – it was all about one song really. Margaret’s performance was superb. An alteration on the standard stand-there-and-sing-your-song performance, she used the stage and every camera available to her. And she was vocally flawless too, when you compare it to how it sounds on record. Our only gripe is that she sometimes looked a tad too nervous. But hopefully that’ll be sorted out in time for the final, now that she realises how much everyone loves it.

Margaret Berger: ‘I Feed You My Love’

I Feed You My Love - Single - Margaret Berger

Shackles: ‘On Hold’

On Hold - Single - Shackles



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