Eurovision 2013: Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix heat 1 result!


So. Last night was the first heat of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix to find their entry to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. There were seven songs, fighting for three places allocated in the grand final.

Three of the songs were good. One was ok. And three were shit. So naturally, the three shit ones were voted through to the final by the Norwegian voting public. Christ almighty.

You can watch the three good performances below – the only three worth watching, if you ask us. But if you MUST familiarise yourselves with the three songs that made the final, here you go – Datarock (Trackshittaz), Gromth feat. Emil Solli Tangen (hard rock, growl, and off-key pop-opera), and Vidar Busk (rockabilly. And somewhat hilariously, no Eurofan has even deemed his song or performance worthy enough to bother uploading to YouTube!). What a load of old tripe.

Carina Dahl: ‘Sleepwalking’

Mimi Blix: ‘Catch Me’

Julie Bergan: ‘Give A Little Something Back’

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