Eurovision 2013: Heat 2 of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix – the songs!

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Heat 2 of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix takes place this Saturday night (click here for (the absolutely SHIT!) results of last week’s Heat 1), and this evening NRK revealed the seven artists and songs who will be competing.

Amongst the lot are two acts that we’ve written about on Scandipop quite a lot in the past – the amazing Margaret Berger, and former X Factor Norway girlband Shackles. And predictably, they have our two favourite songs of the seven this week. But we’re also quite liking Martin Blomvik, Fjellfolk, and Annsofi on first listen. Not bad at all. So Saturday night’s show should be mostly enjoyable. That is of course, until those Norwegians cast their televotes…

You can listen to each of the songs right here. (via Spotify, iTunes, or WiMP). And most of them are also on YouTube too, if you can be bothered to search (you really should)!

And here’s what they are;

Låt nr. 1: Martin Blomvik – ‘Det Vakje Mi Tid’
Tekst/melodi: Martin Blomvik, Bjørn Johan Muri og Mats Weinholdt

Låt nr. 2: Annsofi – ‘I’m With You’
Tekst/melodi: Alexander Rybak

Låt nr. 3: Shackles – ‘On Hold’
Tekst/melodi: Silya Nymoen, KeiOne og John Lundvik

Låt nr. 4: Hank – ‘No One’
Tekst/melodi: Josefin Winther

Låt nr. 5: Fjellfolk – ‘Ulvetuva’
Tekst/melodi: Trym Bjønnes

Låt nr. 6: Haji – ‘Shine With Me’
Tekst/melodi: Haider Saleem, Morad Aziman og Jesper Borgen

Låt nr. 7: Margaret Berger – ‘Feed You My Love’
Tekst/melodi: Karin Park, Robin Lynch og Niklas Olovson

And here’s what they all look like;
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