Eurovision 2013: Heat 1 of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix – the songs!


Norwegian broadcaster NRK have been a bit cloak-and-dagger this year when it comes to revealing the artists and songs who will compete in the Melodi Grand Prix. In comparison to previous years anyway. This year they’re only announcing the competitors on the Wednesday before each Saturday heat. That’s today though, so hooray!

The first heat will take place this Saturday (the first of three heats, with each heat containing seven songs). And so this evening NRK revealed the seven artists and songs that will make up Saturday night’s contest.

You can listen to previews of each of the songs right here. (via Spotify, iTunes, or WiMP)

Låt nr 1: Vidar Busk: ‘Paid My Way’
Tekst: Tim Scott McConnell
Melodi: Tim Scott McConnell og Vidar Busk

Låt nr 2: Carina Dahl – ‘Sleepwalking’
Tekst: Carina Dahl
Melodi: Carina Dahl og Ben Adams

Låt nr 3: Tom Hugo – ‘Det er du’
Melodi/tekst: Tom Hugo

Låt nr 4: Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen – ‘Alone’
Tekst: Emil Solli-Tangen og Sven Atle Kopperud (Silenoz)
Melodi: Gromth

Låt nr. 5: Julie Bergan – ‘Give A Little Something Back’
Melodi/tekst: Ben Adams, Sara Skjoldnes og Julie Bergan

Låt nr. 6: Mimi Blix – ‘Catch Me’
Tekst: Mimi Blix og Dr. Shiver
Melodi: Dr. Shiver, Luca Monticelli og Mauro Cottini

Låt nr. 7: Datarock – ‘Underground’
Tekst: Fredrik Saroea
Melodi: Fredrik Saroea og Pål Myran-Håland

And here’s what they all look like!

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