Eurovision 2013: Denmark chooses its song!

emmelie de forest e1359284162543

Last night Denmark held their Melodi Grand Prix to find their entry to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. No heats, no preliminaries, just ten songs competing against each other over one evening of fabulous entertainment.

Hats of to the Danes, it was a brilliant show, both in production terms and with regards to the quality of the songs. In fact, the overall line-up of ten songs was better than any of the Melodifestivalen finals that have taken place since 2009. So there.

The winner of the night, and the song that will represent Denmark at Eurovision in May, is ‘Only Teardrops’ by Emmelie de Forest. Sounding different to anything else last night, although hardly anything groundbreaking, it’s an up-tempo, ferocious ethno-pop number. Drums, whistles, and all delivered by a barefoot woman who really could have done with a brush through that hair of hers. It’s a fantastic song though, and a very worthy winner – even though there were other songs that we preferred last night, such was the quality of pop on offer.

And speaking of that quality of pop on offer, here are the five must-see performances that you…well, must see. We’ve put the winning song on top, and then our four other favourites in descending order of favouritism. Really, we could have put all ten performances in here, but that seems a bit much. We do suggest though, that at some point in the week, you comb this list and seek them out on YouTube. But at the very least, these five are jolly well worth a good fifteen minutes of your day. They certainly made our night anyway.

Emmelie de Forest: ‘Only Teardrops’

Daze: ‘We Own The Universe’

Kate Hall: ‘I’m Not Alone’

Mohamed Ali: ‘Unbreakable’

Simone: ‘Stay Awake’


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