Eurovision 2009: The Yohanna Interview!


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We’re off to induldge in the madness of Eurovision tomorrow morning, and flying to Moscow for a whole week of incredible music, OTT performances, colourful performers, and crazy fans! We’ll be reporting from the contest on this very website, so do keep reading. For now though, here’s our interview with Yohanna, the Icelandic representative. She’s singing the absolutely beautiful ballad ‘Is It True’ in the 1st semi final this coming Tuesday. The picture above is how she’s looking in her most recent rehearsal. It’s all going well apparently, and her vocal delivery is flawless every time.

We met her a few weeks back when she performed at the UK Eurovision Preview Party at the Scala in London. Her vocal was spot on back then too, and she treated the audience to an acapella version of the chorus once she’d finished the song. We really hope that Yohanna progresses from her semi final into the final. It’s one of the best songs in the competition this year.

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scandipop: Hello Yohanna! You are in the most difficult semi final this year. You’ve got Sweden in there, you’ve got Turkey, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Yohanna: Yeah Turkey….I’m really afraid of Turkey actually!

scandipop: But Turkey and Iceland have very different songs though.

Yohanna: Yeah they’re different but you know, she’s got this great song and she’s so pretty…

scandipop: (laughs and screams incredulously at Yohanna): But so are you!!! I definitely think that Iceland has by far the best ballad in semi final one, so hopefully it’ll go to the final. But… you feel a lot of pressure now – because since the semi final format started in Eurovsion, Iceland never actually managed to qualify until last year. Do you feel pressured to keep Iceland in the final again this year?

Yohanna: Yeah there’s a lot of pressure there. I’m worried, because I’m so competitive! That’s why at first, I wasn’t sure if I was even gonna enter, because if I lose – grrrr, I get really pissed! (laughs). So I really wanna get up from the semi final. So there’s a lot of pressure, yeah.

scandipop: And how do you think you’ll do?

Yohanna: Well I don’t know. But I’ve had a lot of support from the Icelandic people, it’s been really positive. It’s been great.

scandipop: Ok. So are you a fan of Eurovision?

Yohanna: Yeah! In Iceland Eurovision is a huge thing, everyone watches Eurovision. And I’m one of those people, I always watch it!

scandipop: And this year, what’s your favourite song? Aside from your own of course!

Yohanna: I would say…..Norway and Turkey!

scandipop: Yeah they’re the two that everyone keeps mentioning! So once the contest is over, not matter how your song performs, are there any plans to release it in the rest of Europe?

Yohanna: I think we will try at least. It would be sad not to try. I’m also planning on releasing something else also. I’m trying to take one step at a time, but there’s also a lot of work waiting for me in Iceland after Eurovision.

scandipop: Like what?

Yohanna: I do broadway shows. And I do live tours…singing and dancing and that sort of stuff. I have another one of those coming up in the winter, so hopefully I’ll be touring and visiting loads of places with that.

scandipop: And are you going to release a record?

Yohanna: Yeah I actually have a record ready for release!

scandipop: Ok, and what sort of music is it it? Is it lots of songs like ‘Is It True’?

Yohanna. Yeah it’s strange how well it fits!

scandipop: Cool. Well you’ve been a child star in Iceland since you were nine years old, and famous for almost ten years now! So while you’re growing up, was it normal, or did you have a crazy lifestyle?

Yohanna: Well Iceland is a very small place, so I grew up normally, and didn’t have a crazy time growing up. I’m not a drug addict or an alcoholic, because of my good upbringing!

scandipop: Well that’s good to hear! So going back to Eurovision, how do you feel having such seasoned performers as Fridrik Omar and Hera Bjork as your backing vocalists?

Yohanna: That makes me feel very confident. It’s very important to have strong backing vocals, because if the vocals aren’t perfect, then it’s really difficult. So it’s really good to know that I have such strong vocalists behind me.

scandipop: Very true. scandipop is a UK based club night and website, are you a fan of the UK? Have you been to the UK before?

Yohanna: Yeah I love it there, I’ve been for professional reasons and for shopping!

scandipop: Good! Right, final question………is there gonna be a dance remix?!

Yohanna: Yes!

scandipop: Is there?!!! Wow, when will we hear it?

Yohanna: I just made it the other day, put down some new vocals for it. So we’re still working on it, playing around with some beats and stuff. But yes – we’re making it! It’s for the clubs!

scandipop: Excellent! Can’t wait to hear it. Well thank you very much for your time Yohanna, and best of luck in Moscow next month.

Yohanna: Thank you!


Lovely girl, an absolute darling!

Here’s the beautiful video for ‘Is It True’

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