Eurovision 2009: Our first night…


We arrived in Moscow yesterday feeling rather tired after only a few hours sleep. Undeterred though, we soldiered out to the Euroclub venue to the Greek and Cypriot hosted party. There were guest performances from lots of other countries though, including some of our favourites; Iceland, Finland, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, The Netherlands, and Ireland.

And here’s the moment we met Alexander Rybek from Norway!

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Afterwards, they played lots of club music, but we left at around 2am in search of some Eurovision music – which we found at the 24 hour Eurocafe!!! We also managed to persuade the DJ there to play some Schlager and Melodifestivalen classics – the highlight of which being ‘Show Me Heaven’ by Lili & Susie.

Tonight’s going to be the most exciting party though (aside from the Eurovision shows themselves obviously!). Queen Carola has been drafter in to add some prestige to proceedings, in a ‘Eurovision Legends’ show. Also performing will be Dsinghis Khan, Dima Biland, Maria Serifovic, and Ruslana amongst others.

We’ll write lots more about everything soon but we have to shoot now as Soraya of Spain (our favourite song this year – written by Swedish Thomas G:Son) is about to rehearse!

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