Eurovision 2009: A full quota of scandipop in the final!



Last night, the second semi final of Eurovision took place. Norway and Denmark were amongst the ten countries that qualified to tomorrow night’s final, where they will join Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. So for the second year running, all Scandinavian countries have made the Eurovision final.

It’s an extremely strong final this year. Out of the 25 songs, there are only 4 that we don’t REALLY like – Lithuania, Israel, Croatia, and Portugal. And although it’s primarily a song contest, we’re also so very impressed with the staging of the event, the visuals backing each song, and the gimmicks brought to the party by some of the performers themselves. We sat through the first dress rehearsal this morning and it really is a triumph from start to finish. Cirque Du Soleil have been drafted in as the opening act, Dima Bilan puts in a good (albeit mimed) performance of last year’s winning song ‘Believe’, and they’ve even got a sattelite link to a Russian space station to signal the start of the voting. Dita Von Teese appears on stage during the German entry, Andrew Lloyd Webber sits tinkling away at the piano for the UK performance, and the props from Greece and Ukraine are amazing too. It’s a highly entertaining three hours.

scandipop is represented by five quality entries;

  • ‘La Voix’ by Malena Ernman represents Sweden
  • ‘Is It True’ by Yohanna represents Iceland
  • ‘Believe Again’ by Brinck represents Denmark
  • ‘Lose Control’ by Waldo’s People represents Finland
  • ‘Fairytale’ by Alexander Rybek represents Norway

Our absolute favourite entry though is ‘La Noche Es Para Mi’ by Soraya of Spain. It’s the one we’re rooting for above all others and would love to be soaking up the sunshine in Madrid this time next year! Plus the lady herself is adorable. Here she is pictured with scandipop below!

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And here’s her amazing song;

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