Estello ft Pitbull & Roscoe Umali: ‘Till The Stars Come Out’

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Meet new Swedish pop boy on the block, Estello.

Although eagle eyed Swedish pop fans may well already be familiar with him. He spent the summer as a singer and back up dancer on the Rix FM festival, and he’s also danced back up for Darin, Agnes, Carola. Plus for Danny Saucedo at Melodifestivalen, AND for Eric Saade at Eurovision. Yes, he was one of the dancers for ‘Popular’. Amazing.

Now he’s launching a pop career of his own, with the tremendous dancepop single that is ‘Till The Stars Come Out’. Well, actually it’s a little big generic at first, but once that chorus comes – yes, it’s most definitely tremendous.

There are three things quite baffling about all of this however. Shall we go into them? Let’s;

1. Why has he adopted the stage name of Estello, when his real name Alvaro Estrella is an AMAZING popstar name as it is?

2. Why does he insist on wearing shades throughout the entire video AND on the single sleeve, when he’s clearly quite the attractive chap without them?

3. And sorry to get all over analytic here, but where the actual hell have him and his small record label got the money for such a big budget launch? The (admittedly ‘phoned in’) contribution from Pitbull, and the quite frankly bizarre video that’s got more sheen, gloss, and expense, than probably all of the videos from any of the the artists that Estello has ever done backing vocals or dancing for – possibly combined! That’s not a diss though obviously, and good on his team for having such conviction in him and his music. But still – halfway through the video, one does begin to wonder who has funded it and just how seemingly bottomless their trouser pockets are.

Anyway, enough of that. This is pop music. So let’s just enjoy. A cracking debut single from Estello, and we look forward to hearing more from him;


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