Erik Segerstedt & Mattias Andréasson: ‘Hello, Goodbye’

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At last night’s dress rehearsal for tonight’s Melodifestivalen, Miss Tone Damli was unfortunately absent due to her needing to film Norwegian Idol in Oslo, on which she’s a judge (she’s flying back to Karlstad in Sweden for the show tonight though). This meant that ‘Hello Goodbye’s poor one night stand victim Erik Segerstedt was dealt a further blow, and left all on his lonesome once more.

What’s a guy to do? Well in this instance Erik went all bros-before-hoes on us, and drafted in his former EMD bandmate Mattias Andréasson to assist.

And so what we got was some bromantic, homo-erotic, EMD fan fiction coming to life on stage. The pair performed the track – about two lovers deciding to go their separate ways after a fun one night stand – brilliantly.They went all in, didn’t hold anything back, and maintained just the right amount of chemistry that the song needs (not too much, given the nature of the lyrics, but not too little, in order for us to actually care about them).

On a deeper level, it’s worth noting that it’s hugely admirable that this actually happened at all. Especially given that this was in front of what’s mostly a family audience that goes to these Friday night dress rehearsals for Melodifestivalen. But then this is Sweden in 2013. Kudos to them. And all involved. For taking it as precisely what it was – a bit of fun.

Watch the video below (or with slightly better sound quality over on SVT’s website)


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