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Today is the occasion of a special anniversary in pop. The 10th birthday of Eric Saade’s seminal ‘Popular’. It was on this day ten years ago – on February 26th 2011 – that Heat 4 of Melodifestivalen wrapped, and all of that year’s finalists were released onto Spotify finally. Amongst them, was the one that would go on to win the contest a couple of weeks later, and end up making a huge impression on Europe that May.

In the ten years since, the impact it made on a lot of pop fans hasn’t really faded. Thanks to an exhilerating intro, a smashed glass box, a super-catchy chorus and a decision to rhyme ‘impossible’ with ‘possible’ that was either totally genius or just really lazy, Eric Saade’s ‘Popular’ has lived on in many of us as one of our favourite pop songs of the decade, and one that we just keep coming back to.

To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a countdown of this and nineteen other essential songs that Saade has given us since his launch in 2010 – his best tunes, ranked via a Top 20. And we’ve also put together a playlist, where we’ve bumped that number up to 50. A broad selection of his finest tunes from across five albums, one EP, and an impressive back catalogue of singles.

Here’s the playlist – Eric Saade: Most Popular

And here’s his Top 20 most essential tracks;

20. Me And My Radio
(album track from Saade: Vol.1 – 2011)
Sugary sweet synthpop in which Saade bemoans the fact that he’s alone with merely his radio for company. A situation that’s hopefully softened somewhat by Rix FM playlisting his new single ‘Every Minute’, out tomorrow.

19. We Are Beautiful
(album track from Forgive Me – 2013)
Epic, beat-driven balladry with a lush extended outro. Would have served him well as a single, over lesser ballads from that album that actually did get the single treatment.

18. Boomerang
(single from Forgive Me – 2013)
Tuneful r&b with a melody that keeps coming back to you. Like a boomerang.

17. Killed By A Cop
(album track from Saade: Vol.1 – 2011)
Without a doubt the most lyrically absurd composition he’s ever put his voice to. Which is quite the feat in a repertoire such as his.

16. Glas
(single from Det Svarta Fåret – 2020)
One of the more tender moments from his most recent album, which nonetheless doesn’t compromise on a big pop chorus.

15. Så Jävla Fel
(single from Det Svarta Fåret – 2018)
A surprisingly soulful number that left the biggest impact of his recent Swedish-language tracks.

14. Marching (In The Name Of Love)
(single from Forgive Me – 2012)
A rousing call to arms (in the name of love) of a pop song, that heralded the arrival of his fourth album after some time away, touring.

13. Hotter Than Fire
(single from Saade: Vol. 2 – 2011)
The explosive lead single from his third album, which ended up being cooler than ice, flyer than wind, AND hotter than fire.

12. Cover Girl Pt. II
(album track from Forgive Me – 2013)
There’s a terrific four-track section from the ‘Forgive Me’ album, stretching from ‘Cover Girl Pt. I’ to ‘In My Head’, featuring four well-ahead-of-their-time tunes (none of which were singles) that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio in 2021. ‘Cover Girl Pt. II’ was the best of the bunch.

11. Love Is Calling
(album track from Saade: Vol. 2 – 2011)
An overly hyperactive collection of multiple disjointed sounds and melodies – which all works just brilliantly.

10. Girl From Sweden
(standalone single from 2015)
A brassy and bombastic tune, the lyric of which is wonderfully matched in the ludicrous stakes by its eye-popping music video. If you love Sweden – or even if you don’t, actually – this music video is the experience for you.

09. Hearts In The Air
(single from Saade: Vol.1 – 2011)
The suitably large follow-up single to his Eurovision success, designed to prove how great a popstar he could also be outside the context of a contest. It worked.

08. Fingerprints
(album track from Saade: Vol. 2 – 2011)
The blockbuster pop tune and big highlight from his third album. Most definitely should have been a single.

07. Sting
(standalone single from 2015)
A sax-filled stomper that is all-too underrated, possibly due to the fact that it didn’t win a Melodifestivalen that it was one of the pre-contest favourites to triumph in. Would have been vastly improved had the lyric been “sting real bad” instead of “sting so bad“, thus allowing Saade to emphasise the ‘g’ at the end of ‘sting’, inevitably leading to far fewer people referring to it as the much less palatable ‘Stink’.

06. Manboy
(single from Masquerade – 2010)
The one that really started it all – thanks to a Fredrik Kempe hook, a ridiculous song title and a very cold shower.

05. Colors
(single from the Saade EP – 2016)
That time Saade switched from black and white to colours – via the medium of ice-cool synthpop.

04. Wide Awake – Red Mix
(single from the Saade EP – 2016)
Brilliantly bizarre tune that somehow wasn’t much of a chart hit for Saade in Sweden, but did manage to go Top 10 in Russia, and Top 30 in Ukraine.

03. It’s Gonna Rain
(single from Masquerade – 2010)
A very early strike of genius from Saade that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a BWO singles collection. And really, we can give no finer praise to a song.

02. Made Of Pop
(album track from Saade: Vol. 1 – 2011)
Never has anyone uttered the line “got my degree in the big P.O.P” and been more believable. Actually, never has anyone uttered the line “got my degree in the big P.O.P“, aside from Saade. Speaks volumes, in hindsight.

01. Popular
(single from Saade: Vol. 1 – 2011)
This is the one. And the only possible number one. The Melodifestivalen winner that went to Eurovision and gave Sweden its best result in 14 years. The blueprint for many popstar boys that have come since, but which few – if indeed any – have managed to improve upon. A pure pop masterpiece.

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