Eric Saade rounded off his amazing 2010, by finishing up his December long Disney tv show, Jul Med Eric Saade. And with it, brought a new single!

In the show, Eric was depicted as being on a Winter getaway in a picturesque Swedish log cabin, trying to write a song in peace, but always being interrupted by Disney Sweden personalities. What fun! Anyway, the end result was the song being released as a single, and it’s also been deemed good enough to be labeled as the first single from his next album.

It’s called ‘Still Loving It’ and has been written by Eric Saade, Niclas Lundin, and Anton Malmberg Hård Af Segerstad (or ‘Anton from Le Kid’ for short!). It’s an r&b ballad with a great pop chorus. It actually reminds us a lot of two separate Britney Spears ballads, ‘Born To Make You Happy’ and ‘When I Found You’. The chorus really is something special, and we’ve been listening to it a lot. It’s strong and memorable. And features a few brave high notes from Eric. Young Eric has been soldiering away in the studio since his tour finished in September, writing new music. And if a single like this, a song which has essentially been tailored for Disney, can be made this strong, then we have huge hopes for his album being even better than his debut.

We would like to suggest though, that if they are going to use early Britney as a template for any more of his new songs, that they look to ‘Before The Goodbye’ and ‘(I’ve Just Begun) Having My Fun’. Thank you.

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