Following on from the release of the video for ‘Marching (In The Name Of Love)’ last week, today Eric Saade premieres another new video (over on Aftonbladet’s website) – for the second track of his latest double-aside single, ‘Miss Unknown’.

Tying in with the video for ‘Marching’, the ‘Miss Unknown’ vid finds Eric frustratedly chasing after a pretty girl (let’s call her….I dunno….Miss Unknown). We shan’t spoil the ending though……

But all that aside, massive props to Eric/his stylist/his hairchopper. He has genuinely never looked better than he does in this video – all dapper in a suit, and with a sensible shortening of the hairdo. It’s his best coif to date, and thus gives him his best look to date too.

Miss Unknown - Single - Eric Saade


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