Eric Saade has had another single of his signed for release in the UK.

This time it’s ‘Hotter Than Fire’, and his UK label AATW have commissioned some new remixes for it – the main UK mix coming courtesy of LMC.

Eric fans should all remember what an absolute CHOON the UK mix of ‘Hearts In The Air’ was – nowadays we listen to that one much more than the original. And the LMC remix of ‘Hotter Than Fire’ follows the same rule, in that it doesn’t really change the song too drastically – rather just gives it a kick up its arse and sends it out clubbing. It’s the sound of Eric Saade and Dev on happy pills. Marvellous!

The exact UK release date hasn’t been set yet, but we heard a while back that it would be sometime in May, which might have changed now.

AATW have also included remixes of ‘Hotter Than Fire’ from Rudedog and Lockouts Inferno, in the club promo. The LMC mix is the best though, so we’re glad that it’s the one they’re pushing (they published it to their YouTube channel last week).

And here it is;

The original ‘Hotter Than Fire’ CD single (minus the new remixes of course), all of Eric’s albums, and a little bit of merchandise, are all available from our online store.


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