Eric Saade sauntered over to Poland this week to perform his latest single over there ‘Hotter Than Fire’ at their huge annual Sopot Festival. And he ended up coming home with two awards while he was at it. “Like A Boss” he said afterwards, and he’s quite right too.

He won the Top of the Top Award (mmm, that sounds quite nice), which is basically the biggest prize you can get at this thing, and also the Radio RMF FM Award. And all voted for by the public of Poland. He will be popular, he will be popular.

Skip to the 2:45 point in the below video to watch him perform ‘Hotter Than Fire’ with a massive proud smile on his face, bless him. Or just watch from the beginning to see him pick up the very two awards that caused that proud smile in the first place.

Hotter than Fire (LMC Edit) - Clubland 21



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