Eric Saade does Norway!

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Over the last few days, Eric Saade has been attempting to charm the garments of another country.

He’s crossed the border over to Norway. Hooking up with their national sweetheart Tone Damli, he’s not only been pimping out their duet that they’ve just released, ‘Imagine’, he’s also been peddling his own hit single ‘Hotter Than Fire’, which was released yesterday over there. It’s all going quite well so far, as it happens. ‘Imagine’ has climbed back up to number 3 on Norway’s iTunes chart, with ‘Hotter Than Fire’ having just broken into the top 20.

This has all been facilitated by the magic of television, or rather the magic of Eric Saade ON television. As well as yesterday’s performance on God Morgen Norge, he’s also appeared on Allsång På Grensen, and on last night’s big VG-Lista festival.

Let’s take a look at all three;

‘Hotter Than Fire’ at VG-Lista

‘Imagine’ at Allsång På Grensen

‘Hotter Than Fire’ at Allsång På Grensen


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