Eric Saade has got himself a new single out. It’s the latest cut to be taken from his ‘Forgive Me’ album, And wisely he’s gone with the best of the lot – ‘Boomerang’.

Here’s what we wrote about the song itself when we previewed it back in August.

Written by Eric himself along with his two favourite Jasons (Gill and Santos), ‘Boomerang’ encapsulates the perfect mixture of precisely what Saade needed to produce on this album – a new level of maturity while still being utterly poptastic. He felt like he needed to grow up a little bit on this record – and the fact that he’s sensible enough to know that this didn’t mean that he had to stop singing catchy pop songs, well that’s enough evidence that he actually has grown up. ‘Boomerang’ is what Eric Saade should sound like in 2013. And we have the utmost faith in him continuing to get it right in 2014 and beyond.

The single is out now on iTunes and Spotify across Scandinavia. If you live outside of Scandinavia, you can get the ‘Forgive Me’ album which includes ‘Boomerang’, on CD from our store.



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