Eric Amarillo: ‘Sambofet’

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Eric Amarillo has today uploaded a new track to his YouTube channel. And it’s bloody fantastic! ‘Sambofet’.

He may detest us for saying this, but it’s very ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’. The closest he’s got to replicating the formula of that mega smash since its release. Not that we’re insinuating that it’s intentional or anything like that, we doubt it is.

Anyway, IT HAS BELLS! And a rave horn intro. And a ‘comical’ text. Our Swedish still ain’t perfect (“nor is your English” – our readership), but we’ve put two and two together and come up with the conclusion that it’s about people who are fit, healthy and single, then getting into a relationship and letting themselves go and ceasing to go out to stay fit and instead lying on the sofa and playing game consoles and getting fat. Yeah we think that about sums it up.

Cracking tune this;


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