What’s this? The new EP from Swedish artist SHY Martin (her second – after ‘Overthinking‘). This is ‘Sad Songs’.
What’s on it? Songs about sadness.
*eye roll* Her four most recent singles, plus brand-new single ‘Are You Happy?’.
Highlights? Well it might be because it comes as the most uplifting song at the end of an EP that features more sombre sounds and slower tempos, but our own fave of the bunch is actually new single ‘Are You Happy?’. But in listening to the EP a few times this week, we also found some renewed love for the truly gorgeous ‘Can I Call You Back’.
What does SHY Martin say about the EP? “After releasing my first EP, I felt like I wanted to make a more stripped down and personal collection of songs. I wanted to go back to that same feeling of when I first started writing songs on my guitar. All of these songs were written in different combinations of people I love working with in Sweden. The title of the EP ‘Sad Songs’ actually came from the working title of ‘Lose You Too’ and stuck with me for some reason. At first it was only a joke since I always end up writing sad songs. But after living with it for some time, it felt like the perfect name of this EP since it only has sad songs on it. I was supposed to do a lot of touring this year but had to postpone all of the shows because of COVID-19. It’s sad in a way but I’ve honestly really enjoyed this time being in Sweden. It’s given me the opportunity to spend more time in the studio working on upcoming songs and writing for other artists which has been super fun. I’ve also had more time with my friends here in Stockholm and some time to rest. Until I’m able to travel again I’m gonna spend as much time as I can in the studio writing and recording, which is also where I feel most comfortable.
More from SHY Martin? She’s also released a music video for ‘Are You Happy?’, which you can watch right here.

You can find ‘Are You Happy?’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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