EP: Sarah Dawn Finer – ‘Songs For Comfort’

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What’s this? A brand-new EP from Sarah Dawn Finer – her first English-language EP or album in almost 11 years! This is ‘Songs For Comfort’.
That’s a timely title! Well the idea is that there will be a series of EPs on different themes, all under the ‘Songs For’ umbrella.
Gotcha. What does Sarah say? “With this first EP, it immediately felt right as to what the theme needed to be. Comfort. ‘Songs For Comfort’. There is a lot of sadness to deal with for me, as with all of us at this time, and I needed to sing it out, and put it into music. There are a large number of songs I have always returned to in life to seek comfort. Songs from different genres and all for different reasons. And always some new ones every year. It is their healing words and music that we have now chosen to interpret with this EP.”
What’s on it? Five cover version of some of SDF’s all-time faves, plus one beautiful original number, which she released as a single last week – ‘Be Gentle‘.
Highlights? Well ‘Be Gentle’, for sure. But of the covers, the two that struck a chord with us the most were ‘Without You’ (Avicii) and ‘Both Sides Now’ (Joni Mitchell). The former because it’s also one of our favourite songs in recent years, and the latter because with it, she has presented a timeless song in a version that could well take on a timeless new life of its own – it’s a splendid version that we know we’re gonna keep coming back to. A lot!

You can find ‘Be Gentle’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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