What’s this? Finnish artist Robin Packalen is out with his first English-language EP. ‘Rest In Beat PM’.
That is *quite* the title! What’s on it? The excellent recent single ‘Drop Dead‘, plus five brand-new tracks.
What are the new songs like? A charmingly eccentric collection of bold pop songs with an industrial electro sound underpinning them all. That is, aside from ‘Waves’, which stands out from the rest as an epic, arena-pop, torch-song ballad. Our fave of the bunch, however, is the high-speed invigoration of ‘Any Minute Now’.
What does Robin say?I’m so happy to finally release these songs that I’ve been working on for such a long time.
This year has been a little different than we all expected, and it affected this album’s production too. First I wanted to put all the songs out as one entire album, but the longer I worked on them and the more I developed and understood them, I realised there were two distinctive themes the songs were falling into – light vs. dark, day vs. night. The idea to split the album in two was born and that’s exactly what I did! So the letter combination PM is followed by AM sometime next year. To me, Rest In Beat PM/AM is more than just 6 songs. It’s a part of my journey, my mind, my happiness and fears. It’s my way of thinking out loud the things I’m unable to tell or describe otherwise. It’s the expression of my own vision. And for the past couple of years it’s been the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. Now I can let it go free and relax for a while.”

You can find ‘Any Minute Now’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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