What’s this? Swedish artist Nova Miller follows up three excellent singles with the release of a brand-new EP – ‘The Passion’.
What’s on it? Those aforementioned three excellent singles (‘Do It Myself’, ‘Mi Amor’ and ‘Girls Like Us’) plus no less than five brand-new songs.
Highlights? Oh she’s got it all covered in these new track. The pop banger (‘Talk To Me’), the synthpop rave-up (‘Here With Me’), the epic ballad (‘Cry Baby Cry’), the stylishly subtle earworm (‘Timing’) and the retro-tinged torch song for feminism and self-worth (‘Man’s World’). Check out each and every one of them, and enjoy this EP as the completely realised body of work that it is.
What does Nova say?I found my passion so early in my life, I just knew music was my purpose. I could feel it. Music is where all my drive comes from, it makes me work hard, it makes me wanna improve, it pushes me, it makes me who I am. I wanted to put that into this EP! Passion isn’t always just love for someone else. I have passion for my vocals, my love for myself, my fans, my work. This is a fun, fruity, loving, warm, upbeat, sweet, and confident project. This is The Passion!

You can find ‘Talk To Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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