EP: NEIMY – ‘Trust Your Gut’

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What’s this? After a fantastic run of singles, Sweden’s NEIMY is out with her new EP ‘Trust Your Gut’.
What’s on it? Earlier singles ‘Like Tyson’, ‘Prove Me Wrong’ and ‘Knife Out Of My Back’, plus the title track which is also serving as the new single.
Oooh, what’s the new single like? Catchy pop that manages to be simultaneously impactful AND laidback, thanks to the dreamy soundscape that’s been masterfully deployed.
What does NEIMY say? “‘Trust Your Gut’ is about someone who always acts contrary to their gut feeling and realises that they need to start trusting their intuition more. It’s about doing what feels right and how empowering it feels to let go of things that weigh you down. ‘Trust Your Gut’ is also the title of the EP, because I think it’s such a good saying to live by.”
Written by? The whole EP was written by NEIMY along with Eric Wictor and Jakob Redtzer.
More from NEIMY? Unfortunately missing from the EP is one of the releases amongst that aforementioned fantastic run of singles – ‘Limbo‘.

You can find ‘Trust Your Gut’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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