(photo: Amanda Nilsson)

What’s this? Swedish artist Myra Granberg is out with her debut EP – ‘Bara Hälften Kvar’.
What’s on it? Her three most recent singles, plus two brand-new tracks.
What’s it like? A mighty fine collection of her trademark brand of elevated indiepop. Revved up in tempo and with great big pop melodies on display for all to enjoy.
Highlights? ‘HKF (Håll Käften & Försvinn)’ and ‘Då Kan Dom Inte Ta Oss’ bang the hardest – and we have a natural gravitation towards them.
What does Myra say?This is an EP I’m so incredibly proud of. It is a collection of songs where I have proven to myself that I can achieve exactly what I want in the way of music, completely on my own. I had not thought so just a few years ago. I hope the passion and love shines through. My only wish is that the listener will want to dance and feel like the best person in the world while listening.

You can find ‘HKF (Håll Käften & Försvinn)’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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