EP: The Mamas – ‘Won’t Let The Sun Go Down’

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What’s this? Swedish pop lovelies The Mamas are out with a brand-new EP – ‘Won’t Let The Sun Go Down’.
What’s on it? Two previously released singles – ‘Sun Go Down’ and ‘That’s Ok’ – three solo tunes from each of the ladies, and brand-new single ‘Let You Go’.
What’s the new single like? Quite remarkable in that it’s a break-up song that’s actually rather positive, rousing and uplifting. It’s a new anthem for the amicable break-up.
What do The Mamas say?‘Let You Go’ is a song about relationships that have run their course but are hard to leave; when you’ve outgrown a situation, but might feel a fear of letting go of what’s safe and face the unknown. No matter how deep the bond and how long the struggle, whether romantic, platonic, familial or professional, sometimes you have to find the strength to cut your losses and leave behind that which doesn’t serve you in order to be healthy, evolve and live your best life.
And what do we get in the solo stakes? We get treated to a pretty damn cool dance track from Ash, philosophical old-skool r&b from Dinah, and some good-time disco from Loulou.

You can find ‘Let You Go’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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