EP: The Mamas – ‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’

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What’s this? The debut EP from Sweden’s hottest new pop group – The Mamas. This is ‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’.
What’s on there? The EP includes new single ‘Touch The Sky’, the previous single ‘Let It Be’ and the title track ‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’. It also features three original solo songs by each member – Loulou LaMotte, Ash Haynes and Dinah Yonas Manna.
No ‘Move’?! Well, we’ve all heard it by now, haven’t we?
True. Highlights? Well we’ve been giving an obscene amount of plays to ‘Touch The Sky’ since its release last week. Another favourite is the title song ‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’ – which basically serves as an anthem for surviving a pandemic, emotionally. And still very much poignant, unfortunately. But it’s very much a bop to lift the spirits – so make full use of it!
What do The Mamas say? “‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’ stands for hope and love and just making the best of the times we’re in now. The EP is a love letter to our fans, our families and our friends, reminding them that this too shall pass. Tomorrow is waiting. Everything will be okey. Loulou came up with a lyric idea for ‘Tomorrow Is Waiting’. We won Melodifestivalen and we had so much fun on our way and then came the pandemic. We ended up in a quiet chaos. An uncertain time of sitting and waiting for tomorrow. But we are all sitting in the same boat so instead of letting it knock us down, it gives us an incentive to fight on. If there is one thing The Mamas have done since the beginning, it is to lift each other up and look ahead.”

You can find ‘Touch The Sky’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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