EP: Malin Christin – ‘Kär i Kärleken’

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What’s this? Swedish talent Malin Christin has found the time in between writing songs for Steps and penning the Maltese entry to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, to finish and release her own debut EP. This is ‘Kär i Kärleken’.
What’s on it? Two tracks we’ve previously featured on here – ‘Vem E Du’ and ‘Lika Barn Leka Bäst’ – a third single she released called ‘Basic’, plus two brand-new songs – ‘Det Regnar i Stockholm’ and the title track of the EP.
What’s it like? ‘Lika Barn Leka Bäst’ remains her finest moment, but title track ‘Kär i Kärleken’ certainly gives it a run for its money in the dreamy pop excellence stakes, with ‘Det Regnar i Stockholm’ providing the EP’s gorgeously lush ballad, and ‘Vem E Du’ injecting a hefty amount of tempo into proceedings. All in all, a top showcase for one of Sweden’s finest new songwriting and singing talents.
What does Malin say?The EP is about what it is like to be in love with the illusion of love, closing your eyes to reality. The dream of that person you so desperately wanted to be the perfect partner. In one way or another I think we have all been in love with love at some point…

You can find the title track ‘Kär i Kärleken’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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