EP: Lou Elliotte – ‘Best You’ve Ever Had’

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What’s this? The debut solo EP from Swedish artist – and esteemed frontwoman of Estraden – Lou Elliotte. This is ‘Best You’ve Ever Had’.
What’s on it? Three previously released singles, a cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, and her brand-new single ‘Touch Yourself’.
What. With the four original songs, she’s compiled a brutally honest depiction of the end of a relationship and its aftermath – giving listeners a real insight into how that plays into one person’s thoughts. Each song offers a new perspective of a different stage of the experience, and the various directions the psyche can go off into, with the common ground between being that they’re simply all brilliantly crafted pop tunes. If you’ve yet to discover this artist – jump in here and now!
What does Lou say?The important thing for me is that my songs say something. And I feel that unites all the tracks on the EP. I sing about things that one may not always dare to say out loud. I have sometimes thought when I wrote the songs that I can not let go of this one, it is a little too much, a little too personal and almost uncomfortable. I may have to go in and change some lines later, or another artist may take the song. But then it always ends with me wanting to release it myself. Because it’s just so personal. The more honest I dare to be in my texts, the more I think I can relate.

You can find ‘Touch Yourself’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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