(photo: Ida Fiskaa)

What’s this? She got the year off to a cracking start in January with the release of the stunner that is ‘Carry You Home‘, and now Norwegian artist KAMARA is out with her debut EP. ‘The Long Way Home’.
What’s on it? ‘Carry You Home’, plus two singles she released last year (‘Sideways’ and ’20 Something’), and two brand-new songs (‘Hi, Ok’ and ‘Young Dumb Foolish Girl’).
What are the new songs like? ‘Hi, Ok’ follows the lead of the synthpop leanings of her previous singles, and switches it up a notch via the insertion of some serious funk. ‘Young Dumb Foolish Girl’, meanwhile, closes the EP on a softer and more fragile note – an electronic ballad that touches upon self doubt.
What does KAMARA say? “I hope my music can be a tool for expressing emotions, talking about what is difficult, or giving the courage and sass needed to put your foot down when needed. I write for everyone, and I want the people who listen to my music to feel seen and heard. And a little bit stronger.”

You can find ‘Carry You Home’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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