EP: Jakobina – ‘Adiós Adiós’

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What’s this? At the end of last year, Gothenburg artist Jakobina WOWd us with her debut single – ‘Adiós Adiós‘. Now she’s back with her debut EP of the same name.
What’s on it? ‘Adiós Adiós’ and its follow-up single ‘Walking On The Moon’, plus three brand-new tracks, one of which serves as the new single – ‘Dolphins’.
What’s the new single like? It’s a dreamy bit of electronica that encourages you to drift off to space-dolphin sounds while being massaged gently by its soothing beat. Quite the listen, as you can imagine!
Any other highlights? ‘Gimme To Me’ is a wonderfully crafted anthem of self love, served up with an impressive amount of sass and a satisfying side of sex.
Written by? The whole EP was written by Jakobina herself, along with Kristofer Östergren.
What does Jakobina say? “‘Adiós Adiós’ was the first song me and Kristofer wrote together. I was so inspired by our collaboration that I had the song title tattooed on my forearm. I thought that another artist would record the song, but I did it instead and now I’m walking around with the title of my debut EP tattooed on my arm, haha. My music is playful and has a lot of attitude and emotions. It’s a bit “all over the place”, just like me! I let each song decide the direction and tried to be brave and limitless. The song “Eat me like an Animal” became a challenge for me! It doesn’t get sexier than that… Go big or go home!”

You can find ‘Gimme To Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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