What’s this? After she made a big impact on last year’s Melodi Grand Prix with the song ‘I Can’t Escape’, this is the debut EP from Norwegian rising-star IMERIKA – ‘My Name is Erika’.
What’s on it? Three singles she released subsequently to ‘I Can’t Escape’ – ‘Exhausted’, ‘Sorry For Me’ and ‘Wouldn’t Fall In Love’ – plus two brand-new tracks: the title track and ‘Love Myself Tomorrow’.
What’s it like? An impressive introduction to someone who is most definitely one of Norway’s best new pop hopes. Despite this being her debut, she’s already honed a style that clearly suits her very well, and she sounds very comfortable doing it. But nevertheless, the EP offers up enough versatility amongst its songs, to ensure that it never gets samey.

You can find ‘Love Myself Tomorrow’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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